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Matthew Canterbury

Idaho is a great place to live and work, which is why my family and I choose to call it home. In 2013, after my wife fulfilled her military service, we moved to Boise. My wife found an incredible opportunity as a Pediatric Hospitalist, and it was at the initial interview we knew we were Home.

Throughout my career, my passion has been finding solutions to make companies and people's lives better. Through my experience, in finance and tech advising and making multi-million-dollar decisions for companies and families. In 2016, our son was born. After discussing it with my wife, we made the choice that I would be a stay-at-home dad while she focused on her medical career.

My passion in helping others by finding amazing homes that fit their family's needs. When I am not in the office or volunteering, I am often going on an adventure exploring Idaho, building Lego with my son, attending local events and spending time with friends and family. I always enjoy meeting new people and I look forward to connecting with you. Whether or not you are buying or selling a home, looking to invest in real estate, or become a real estate agent- I'm here to help.

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